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Below are the Training Sessions run by Colin Mcgill and the session notes (stacked and integrated). Nick also recommended this book:

Colin McGills Introduction to Pixinsight

We will post here the videos for each day of Colins 5 day introductory sessions on Pixinsight. Also if you sctoll to the bottom of the page you will find notes that cover all five sessions:

The sessions were held each day Monday to Friday from 13.30 …15.00ish from April 6 2020

You will need to already have downloaded PixInsight (there’s a free 45-day trial licence available) from Pixinsight.

Below is a link to the data that is used in the sessions

Session 1: Monday

Session 2: Tuesday

Unfortunately recording did not start until about 10 mins in. In this video Colin describes how to load and stack a full RGB stack and then how to carry out colour adjustments and calibrations.

Session 3 : Wednesday

Link to project file used in session 3

Session 4: Thursday

Dropbox link to M31 Data: for session 4

After the ssion Colin provided this Dropbox link to M51 LRGB data.

Session 5: Friday

Session Notes:

These notes summerise the entire workflow explained over the five sessions: