My Astronomy Equipment

In order of purchase and with some sort of rationale, here is the kit I have bought.

LX90 8″ SCT f/10 2000mm focal length.

Bought in 2002 I have been happily observing with telescope on and off for the past 15 years. It is a great scope for visual observing. It is easily movable and I can set it up quickly on my own. The GOTO system is very effective and once aligned it finds stuff with great accuracy. I comes with a very sturdy tripod and a 26mm eyepiece. It has been very reliable and rarely needs collimating which is a very easy process when it is required.

Over the years I have bought a number of useful accessories:

  • 9mm eyepiece, good for close ups of planets
  • 16mm Nagler type 5 eyepiece. Expensive, but gives reall amazing views
  • Electric dew heater
  • Dew shield

The only downside of the scope is that while it is luggable, it is not very portable. I have taken it away once to Lundy Island and needed a special trunk. Now on my travels I plan to take a much more compact set of kit. See below.



Sky-Watcher 7Ah Rechargeable Power Tank



Provides the power. I have tried various other solutions such as batteries, mains adapters and smaller power packs, but this works well and is also useful around the house. It connects to the LX90 with a simple cigar lighter plug.





Canon 1100D DLSR camera